This is the moment on Apropos that I saw REPtiLe become something useful.

Apropos on YouTube

I saw that a shared REPL in the browser was something useful: four other developers were using it to code and collaborate in real time.

It still has plenty of UX issues and its fair share of bugs and so is not quite ready for prime time.


You can check out the GitHub projects at:

Server - Tail - Minus the boiler plate to set up the HTTP and WS, it’s ~100 lines of code.

UI - Tongue - The UI is bigger ~500 lines of code.

I’m not overly concerned with LOC measures, this is just to say that the project is still quite small.


Real time media takes a lot less time to produce and manage on my part. With that in mind, I have created a channel on Twitch. I will use that channel to share the fixes I do to the UX and the code in general.

And here is a real reptile coming out of its shell - cute innit?